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Needcorp Cleaning Service             

We all know how important first impressions are?

Needcorp Cleaning Services will analyze the facility and/or location, surface types, specifications, customers' budget requirements, intended responsibilities to develop a cleaning program. Your facility will be surveyed and the work load and exact labor requirements will be determined. By evaluating the work load and having a clear understanding of our customers' expectations/requirements, it allows Needcorp Cleaning Services to determine an accurate price and schedule for the work that is expected. The property manager is encouraged to attend inspections so that the properties manager and Needcorp Cleaning Services management can relate to each other's needs and expectations.

90 day Guarantee!!!

My commitment and Guarantee! "Hello" my name is John Wise (President of (NSI) Needcorp Services Inc.) I will personally come to your location with one of our professional supervisors and do a walk through of your facility as well as give you a FREE ESTIMATE on the cost of cleaning your facility. There's absolutely no obligation. Feel free to use as much of our time as necessary to answer any and all of your question. After all your questions have been answered we will leave you with specific information to consider. We look forward to working with you. Thank you! For this opportunity.

I cannot express the extreme pride I have when it comes to customer satisfaction!!!!!
So much so, I offer a 90 day guarantee!

(90 day guarantee!) If you're not happy with the service that (NSI) Needcorp Services Inc. provides within 90 days, you may cancel the relationship with no questions asked!!!

(In the First 30 days) Needcorp Services Inc. will be bringing your location up to our standards. After performing our services to our standards we will request you the property manager to attend inspections allowing Needcorp Services a clear understanding of your expectations and requirements. (Ensuring customer satisfaction)

(Within the first 60 days) After having a complete understanding of the expectations and requirements of what the property manager expectations, we will perform our services to achieve customer satisfaction. If you the customer are not 100% satisfaction at the end of the 60 day period, You will have the opportunity to cancel our services with no questions asked, in writing by (certified mail with return receipt only) Attention: (John Wise) Box 274145 Tampa FL, 33604 (A 30 days notice of cancellation in writing by certified mail with return receipt only, is required)

(Within the last 30 days) During the last 30 days of the (90 day guarantee) you have the opportunity to cancel the relationship at any time. There is only one (1) requirement for cancellation. Allow a 30 days notice in writing by certified mail with a return receipt to allow (NSI) Needcorp Services inc. the courtesy and ability to relocate employees.

(After the 90 days guarantee) Provided (NSI) Needcorp Services inc. does not receive notice. The signed service agreement will automatically come into effect after 6:00am on the start of service date in service agreement.

All terms and conditions in the service agreement apply during the 90 day guarantee.

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