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How will your company select a janitorial contractor? After the utility bill, it's probably the largest operating expense you have. The right selection of a quality contractor in this area will make the difference in tenant relations and your own day-to-day satisfaction. You are best served by a company that brings strength and experience to the relationship, and is then willing and able to work with you to develop the best possible cleaning program.

Adequate Insurance? – LICENSED – BONDED – INSUREDWORKERS COMPENSATION – Needcorp cleaning services is not only Licensed and Insured carrying above average insurance levels of general liability, for additional protection we are also bonded, we carry a $25,000.00 bond. This special janitorial service bond has been specially designed to provide protection for our clients. We believe in protecting our clients from any unfortunate mishaps!!!

Price is a very important factor we are absolutely confident that we can compete with any cleaning provider here in Florida when it comes to price and working with you to develop the best possible cleaning program.

Ask yourself these questions when qualifying a potential provider:

Does the Vendor Provide:

  • Adequate Insurance
  • Financial Stability
  • Pre-Screens Employees
  • Local Reputation
  • Comprehensive Safety Program
  • Extensive Training Programs
  • Environmentally Responsible
  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Experienced Management

When you consider all of these important factors you will discover that Needcorp Cleaning Services is your best choice Call we can help: (813) 908-3887


Page 1) We all know how important first impressions are here.

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Page 3) Our services are offered (3,5 or 7 days a week) our program includes here.

Page 4) Maintains a high Quality Control Program that assures quality service here.

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