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A critical concern for each of our new customers is the transition from One janitorial vendor to another. A smooth transition establishes the foundation for long-term success with our clients and their tenants. Needcorp takes several steps to ensure that our transition into your facility is handled smoothly and efficiently. At least 30 days before our first day on the job, systematic planning begins.

Project manager selection is critical. This one individual, more than any other, is the key link in the chain of a successful cleaning program. That person must have the experience and training required to do the job.

A startup team is assigned to each new account. This group of professionals ensures that the first night and week are as flawless as possible. This team includes the Project Manager, and Personnel Manager.

A program design that was started during the bidding process will be further developed to include more detail, especially with regard to schedules and job descriptions. This information is part of the Building Control Book and is valuable to the Project Manager and supervisors to help them achieve a flawless start-up. The plan for each property is different, but includes understanding owner's objectives, identifying client's cleaning specifications, and scheduling inspections.

Additional crew members and supervisors are provided to ensure that the crew always operates at maximum output levels.


Good crew performance begins before a Needcorp janitor even sets foot in your building. Investment of time and resources at the point of hire avoids many potential problems that are costly to you and Needcorp Cleaning Services.

Reference checks: Despite the time-consuming nature of this method, it can be the most valuable tool in determining a prospective employee's performance on the job. Whenever possible, we like to find new employees through referrals from current employees.

Personal interviews: Our personnel staff are experts at "reading between the lines". Their professional judgment is respected and trusted. All documentation is verified for compliance with government work laws to protect from IRS or INS inquiries.

Adequate Insurance? – LICENSED – BONDED – INSUREDWORKERS COMPENSATION – Needcorp cleaning services is not only Licensed and Insured carrying above average insurance levels of general liability, for additional protection we are also bonded, we carry a $25,000.00 bond. This special janitorial service bond has been specially designed to provide protection for our clients. We believe in protecting our clients from any unfortunate mishaps!!!

The Needcorp Cleaning Services screening program offers you the following benefits:

  • Reduced crew turnover - Reduced training time fewer people come through the system.
  • Better utilization of supervisory time (more time for follow-up).
  • Reducing unfortunate mishaps - Because employees with bad histories are eliminated.


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