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Needcorp Cleaning Services maintains a high quality control program that assures quality service and support to the customer. After guidelines and standards have been set, the program goes into effect in many different areas.

Pro-active planning is the first step for an effective Quality control program. Customer specifications are reviewed and added to existing quality programs for accurate staff, supply, and material planning. Difficult areas are reviewed and solutions are devised for possible problem areas.

All fazes of the new account must be organized, responsibilities assigned, accountability addressed. Quality control programs are based on the concept of Total Quality Management (TQM). Organizes the talents of each individual employee into one functioning body that continuously Improves.

Communication with management is ongoing during each stage of planning, organizing, and throughout a service contract. This communication is the base for a good working relationship.

After janitorial service begins, inspections are key to continuing quality. Communication with tenants is an ongoing process. The project manager will be contacts on a regular basis to check on their perception of our services and how we can better serve them.

Quality Control Personnel utilize a site evaluation manual for inspections. The inspections are recorded as they are conducted. This efficient system allows us to keep on top of our accounts to address any problems if they occur and for immediate reported results.

While Quality Control Programs are Total Quality Management work to prevent problems, occasionally corrective action must be initiated to meet cleaning standards. When this happens, Needcorp personally work with Property Management to fix the problem.


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