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Needcorp Cleaning Service


Our services are offered (3, 5 or 7 days a week) our program includes:

(The address of your location here)


  • Clean bowls, sinks, and fixtures (disinfect)
  • Wipe walls and partitions as needed
  • Clean mirrors
  • Empty trash
  • Vacuum and mop/wash floors (disinfect)
  • Refill soap, tampons, toilet paper, and paper towels


  • Vacuum carpet in offices, main hallways, elevators, and fitness room
  • Vacuum double sets of stairs and stairwells
  • Spot clean edges as needed


  • Vacuum bathrooms floors, floor in kitchen area and entryway area
  • Mop bathrooms tile floors, tile floor in kitchen area and tile entryway area
  • Damp mop any and all hard surface floors


  • Dust computers, faxes, copiers and other office equipment
  • Dust desks, chairs, tables, and other furniture
  • Dust banisters and rails
  • Vacuum furniture in setting area as needed
  • Dust chairs and table legs, moldings, and baseboards as needed
  • Dust windows sills
  • Wipe fixtures inside elevators
  • Wipe doors inside and out elevators
  • Clean inside and out of Drinking fountains


  • Wipe counter tops
  • Spot wipe cabinets
  • Clean inside sinks
  • Clean inside microwave
  • Spot clean inside, outside, and top of refrigerator
  • Clean outside of coffee maker and any other appliances
  • Replace sponge when needed
  • Refill soap and paper towels


  • Clean entryway glass
  • Clean entryway glass doors
  • Spot clean inside windows in offices, sitting rooms, conference rooms and fitness room


  • Remove all cobwebs inside building
  • Spot wipe walls
  • Lock the door on way out, shut off all lights
  • Put all trash gathered in dumpster in back of building



DETAILING YOUR LOCATION: Detail your location consists of an extensive interior cleaning of your location by doubling our manpower and cleaning areas not included in an everyday service. We offer a (Light, Medium or Heavy) service that will ensure taking care of those hard to clean areas......(In order to perform this service it requires the participation of your employees to have everything possible picked up and/or organized. )

PRESSURE WASHING: Pressure washing the outside of your location will remove years of dirt & debris from your building, sidewalks & parking facility. The time to start making a first impression is the time a customer steps out of his/her vehicle and enters your facility.

PAINTING INTERIOR & EXTERIORS: Painting certain areas of your location will bring back the hard to clean high traffic areas and restore a fresh new appearance. ( Maintenance and maintaining is an important part of our services.)

FLOOR SERVICES: Floor services include (VCT & Vinyl Flooring) we offer complete stripping years of buildup, then most important ( Prep-Floors) to be sealed with 3 or 4 coats of quality wax & then buffed. To maintain floors consider a mop clean & buff, one or two times per month. ( Floors will look like glass)

TERRAZO, CERAMIC TILE: we offer extensive cleaning, buffing, polishing and sealant. GRANITE extensive cleaning only….. (DO NOT use a "buffing machine" on granite flooring!)

CARPET SERVICES: Carpet cleaning we can clean any style or type of carpet whencleaning carpet equipment & cleaning agents are most important for excellent results. It’s important to treat all stains before cleaning and use a quality stain resists carpet guard when finished cleaning

FLOOD DAMAGE: Flood damage we have a comprehensive flood damage cleanup incontrol program. Water damage must be controlled and cleaned immediately to prevent health hazards such as mold and mildew. ( We cannot and do not guarantee the prevention of mold and mildew. Time is extremely important!)  

FIRE DAMAGE: Fire damage will offer a complete cleanup and/or clean out, from damage due to fire.

Services not part of monthly territorial services which show being billed as ADD-ONS or EXTRA at $ 45.00 Hour .



SPECIFIC INCLUSIONS, but not limited to: Furnish all labor, materials, supervision, equipment, freight, hoisting, lifts, insurance, bonds and all else necessary for the complete Final Cleaning of the Interior of the Building.

1.  Furnish all cleaning supplies and equipment to completely clean the interior of the building include purchasing, delivering, unloading, and hoisting of all materials. Use only approved cleaning materials (soaps, solvents, acids, waxes, etc.) as recommendations.

2.  Clean interior side of all perimeter window glass. Provide a lift / ladder / for the cleaning of the interior glass and completely clean all interior window frames and sills.

3.  Completely "wet clean" all exposed concrete flooring by using an electrical power driven wet sweeper. All excess water is to be controlled and removed from the building.

4.  Vacuum all carpeted floor. Shampoo, and remove all stains. Wash, wax and buff all VCT reseal flooring, and damp mop stone granite flooring and base. (DO NOT use a "buffing machine" on granite flooring.)

5.  Clean and polish all finished wood surfaces including wood doors, wood wall panels and wood handrail  & caps.

6.  Clean and polish all interior finishes inside the elevator cabs (including thresholds).

7.  Clean all items including, but not limited to: Flooring, door trims, wood base, carpeting, ceramic tile, marble tile, stone counter tops, light switches and outlet cover plates, thresholds (including elevator), drinking fountains, walls, light fixtures? (dusting only), air handler, door hardware, mini blinds, etc.

8.  Subcontractor shall daily collect all excess materials and debris generated by his scope of work and deposit in dumpster provide by the General Contractor.

9.  Subcontractor shall provide safety and a full protection systems for his work in accordance with all regulatory requirements/guidelines.

10.  Clean and sanitize all bathrooms including all fixtures, vanities, flooring, toilet, urinals, bathroom partitions, showers, ceramic floor and wall tile, etc. for a complete cleaning.

11.  Subcontractor shall institute and comply with all of the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) of 1970 and all subsequent amendments and changes and shall require, in writing, the same compliance by any subcontractor employed by him to do work under the contract agreement.

12.  Subcontractor shah attend weekly jobsite safety/coordination meetings.

13.  Subcontractor shall follow all OSHA regulations and shall require, in writing, the same compliance by any subcontractor employed by him to do work under this Subcontract Agreement.

14. This Subcontractor is responsible to provide adequate supervision and satisfaction.  

15.  Sales tax shall be included on incorporated materials.

16.  Include all mobilization costs for labor, materials and equipment necessary to complete this scope of work in the amount of time allotted.

17.  Subcontractor shall be responsible for the storage and protection of his materials while on site.

SPECIFIC EXCLUSIONS: Exterior Windows and all areas Outside the Building.


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