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Quality is a process of continuous improvement and is the result of good hiring practices, effective training, sufficient supervisory time, feedback to the crew, and committed management. Good cleaning programs are characterized by quality and customer satisfaction. 

Here's part of our formula: Quality starts with Screening, training, proper supplies and equipment, and an attitude of concern produce the best results.

Program Design

Needcorp Cleaning Service analyzes the facility, location, surface types, specifications, customer budget requirements, and intended results to develop a cleaning program. Your facilities are surveyed the work loaded is determine and exact labor requirements. By evaluating the work loading it allows Needcorp Cleaning Service to determine an accurate price and schedule for the actual work - area by area, task by task, cleaner by cleaner. The property manager is encouraged to attend inspections so Needcorp Cleaning Service management and property management can relate to each other's needs and expectations.

Building control book

This book is used to maintain an accurate, ongoing record of the cleaning program. It contains the specifications, work schedules and employee information. It is an outstanding tool for training new crew members on their specific duties and it is the reference guide for our supervisor.

Inspect what you expect.

The principal is driven by your specifications and unique requirements, inspections keep managers in touch, supervisors thinking, employees informed, resulting in extreme quality and communication

Open Communication.

Closing the follow-up loop means Needcorp Cleaning Service employees are trained to do more than pass on complaints and requests. Personal follow-up is a simple principal, but one rarely put into practice. When you call with a problem, that problem will be fixed and your Needcorp Cleaning Service customer representative will call you to follow-up.


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