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What to expect from a Dealership / Salesperson

I had driven by the dealership hundred times and never stopped. As I passed I would look over at the row of salesmen standing in front of the showroom windows, white shirts gleaming in the sun. This pack of salesmen looked so predatory it always made me think, "Who would ever stop there?" But today, I knew I would be the one stopping there. I turned my Honda Passport into the dealership parking lot and immediately felt their eyes on me. As soon as I opened my car door a salesman approached me.

"Is that a Honda? Or a Isuzu Rodeo?" the salesman asked, seeking common ground, a way to relax me before getting down to business.

Then weíre walking through the Dealership. The Salesperson is showing me car after car. I stop next to a nice car and bam! Thatís the one heís goanna sell me. He pulled it out of the row, open the door and ask me to see how good the seats feel. When I sits down he slams the door and takes off driving."

We get back to the dealership when the salesperson asks, "So, how are you going to finance your new vehicle?"...........The question leaves you a little confused.

In the car business, the term financing is used loosely. The dealership will either loan you money to buy a vehicle or find you financing a (Lender) to finance the vehicle for you.

The opposite of "financing a vehicle" would be buying it outright with one cash payment. Although you can take out a bank loan to finance your vehicle, many people like the convenience of getting a loan through the dealership. But The Dealership will charge you more for your loan. How much more? That depends. If you have excellent credit, you might get a competitive interest rate. However, if you have blemished credit, or no credit, the dealer will charge a much higher interest rate.

Now ABSOLUTE AUTO FINANCE will give you the ABSOLUTE best rates available for those with excellent credit or blemished credit.

Rates start at 3.9 APR based on your credit score

So, going back to the salesperson's question, "How are you going to finance your new car?" your answer could be one of three:

Answer #1.......... I will need to finance the vehicle.

Answer #2.......... I will be paying cash for the vehicle.

Answer #3.......... Iíll be purchasing through ABSOLUTE AUTO FINANCE !!!

Let's look in more detail at each of these financing options so you can know what to expect at the dealership:

1. I will need to finance the vehicle

Keep in mind that the dealership will urge you to make a large down payment. If you decide to buy a vehicle and you want the dealership to help you with financing you will be required to fill out a credit application. And risk paying their inflated interest rates arranged through the dealers lending institution based on the Inflated negotiated price of the vehicle as well as UNNECESSARY Sales Commissions, Service Fees, Delivery Fees, Handling Fees, or Electronic filing Fees. Loaning money is big business, and most all auto manufacturers have their own companies to arrange loans. For example, Nissan cars are often financed through Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp.

2. I will be paying cash for the vehicle

Paying cash for a new car makes the transaction very simple -- all you need to do is negotiate the price of the car and then write the dealer a check for this amount. Negotiating in this manner means the dealership can't disguise the true cost of the vehicle. Wait a second, you say, who has the money sitting around to buy a new car outright?

3. Iíll be purchasing through ABSOLUTE AUTO FINANCE !!!

What we're really saying is to borrow the cash from an outside source, so you can be like a "cash buyer" at the dealership. IF YOU WILL LISTEN you will save THREE OR FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS on the purchase a quality pre-owned vehicle.

ABSOLUTE AUTO FINANCE will arrange a loan in person or over the Internet. Once youíre Per-Approved for FINANCING. You will be given a credit limit. Itís like paying CASH .We actually Purchase the vehicle for you with out paying unnecessary fees. We determine the price of the vehicle based on the Condition, Year, make, modal, Equipment, Mileage also Check Data Bases for Prier Damage. Then make as offer to the Dealership saving you the customer three or four thousand dollars we will not pay.  UNNECESSARY FEES !!! Inflated Prices and inflated interest rates charged by the dealership.    


That is an overview of the credit process you are likely to encounter at the dealership for buyers to reduce your cost at the dealership.

ABSOLUTE AUTO FINANCE can help walk you thru The Buying & Finance process!!!

Absolute Auto Finance will arrange a loan in person or over the Internet. Fill out a quick, convenient pre-application online or call us today at (813) 908-3887.

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