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Absolute Auto Finance

Needcorp Services Inc. D.B.A. Absolute Auto Finance

      We offer services in financing and purchasing quality pre-owned vehicle from quality dealerships in the Tampa Bay area. We get you Pre-Approved for FINANCING. Itís like paying CASH. We actually Purchase the vehicle for you with out paying unnecessary fees. We determine the price of the vehicle based on the Condition, Year, make, modal, Equipment, Mileage, also Check Data Bases for Prier Damage. Then make an offer to the Dealership, saving you the customer three or four Thousands Dollars on the purchase of a vehicle, of your choice. We negotiate the vehicle for you! and will not pay UNNECESSARY Sales Commissions, Service Fees, Delivery Fees, Handling Fees or Electronic filing Fees. We have over 20 years experience in financing and purchasing quality pre-owned CERTIFIED vehicles that come with a fill 6 year/100,000mi. warranty.

No hassles apply in ten minutes, get approved within a few hours, real bank financing, rates start at 3.9 APR based on credit history.

To get started fill out a quick pre-application, click here  

Understanding your credit : Before you apply for a loan, it's important to understand your credit and exactly what sort of information plays a part in determining its conditions. A lender will be taking a close look at certain aspects of your financial background. And they'll want to know everything about your credit history.

Your credit has to do with your payment history: how much you owe, to whom it's owed and whether you've made your payments on time. This information means a lot when it comes to securing an auto loan (or any loan, for that matter) and impacts the interest rate that you will be charged. Interest rates on auto loans vary widely based on one's credit history; it isn't uncommon to see a spread of six points or more between rates charged to those with excellent credit and those with blemished credit.

Of course, your credit information doesn't just materialize. It's monitored and compiled by the nation's three credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and Trans Union. These three agencies gather data obtained from credit generators all over the country. If you've ever owned a credit card or borrowed money from any large organization, a credit union, bank or finance company, rest assured that the lender involved have provided data regarding your account to the credit bureaus, which in turn have this data stored in their massive computer database. This information is packaged and sold (usually to prospective lenders as a means of qualifying your request for a loan) in the form of a credit report. 

It's important to note that the credit bureaus themselves don't approve or deny your loan. They merely report on your background objectively, providing data that helps Lenders to make lending decisions.

Your credit report is ground zero for lenders who are considering you for a loan; this document offers a comprehensive look at your credit history. In addition to information that specifically concerns your payment history, credit reports also show data such as your social security number, addresses at which you've lived, tax liens (if any) and recent credit inquiries. Most payment-related information remains on your credit report for seven years; after that, it falls off automatically.

Information found on your credit report is used to tally your credit score (also known as your credit bureau beacon score). This is a make-or-break number when it comes to obtaining your loan; it provides lenders with a speedy way of judging your creditworthiness. To calculate your score, about 30 different credit-related factors are considered. Such as your payment history, amount of outstanding debt and the length of your credit history, it all plays a part in determining your credit score or creditworthiness.

That is an overview of the credit process. Click on page 2 below learn what to expect from the dealership.


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